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Lagos, Nigeria

Aiming to provide essential items and food to those who need it during this time. Help the people who help the people!

Quarantine. Pandemic. Social-distancing. Every day, these words appear on our phones, our televisions, our radios, our conversations, reminding us of the reality of the situation of the world we live in today. Currently, Lagos, the commercial capital of Nigeria serves as a hotspot for the coronavirus.

With a staggering population of over 13 million beautiful people, the city that never sleeps has been forced into a lockdown, devastating the lives of many. Factory work, trade, cosmetology, agriculture, domestics and maintenance are the most common areas of work in Lagos state, so it is undeniably true that the people of Lagos are naturally artisanal. However, these occupations cannot be translated online. Majority of people are stuck in their homes with no way of earning money, making them contemplate between hunger and the virus; suffering or sickness.

CovidAid4Lagos aims to restore hope in these difficult times. We acknowledge the efforts of the government towards making life bearable for the affected, but we see it as our duty to enhance this as many people still do not have basic human resources. Our goal is to raise funds for basic necessities such as food and water. Imagine the joy and relief of a mother receiving a container of rice, the automatic feeling of assurance of healthy food for her and her loved ones for the following week. 

We desire to help the people who help the people.

No amount of money is too little.

Change a life today!

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