Coffee lovers helping others!
Coffee lovers helping others!
Coffee lovers helping others!
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On 17 September, we (Marin, Mischa & Walther) are going to give-it-all-we-got and run 10 English Miles (that's 16 k's if your calculator is broken) in the Dam tot Dam Run!! Why are we doing this? Because we like running? Yes. Because Zaandam has really cool buildings? Yes that too. But more importantly, we are supporting Street Smart! This is an organization helping the homeless in Amsterdam. Not only are they providing people with fresh fruit and veggies but, entire meals for families, support with financial issues and even bicycles to get around! It is easy to forget how essential these basics can be and just how much it can help those who lack them.

So please, if you've got the means, click the "Donate now" button. Not only will this provide us with extra motivation for our run but, more importantly, you're providing help to Amsterdammers in a really special way.

Donate now!! And, Thank You!
Marin Lamy
Mischa Reitsma
Walther van der Wijk

Read more about Street Smart at Streetsmart followed by a dot and nl
You can read all about the run at damloop also with a dot nl