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Amsterdam, Nederland

We are the FundRace team. On June 21st of 2019 we will be organizing a Water Festival for charity. The event will be organized completely voluntarily. All the money will be donated to the charity!!!

The charity will be Water For Life, which raises awareness for drinking water at places it is not normal to have access to drinking water. It builds water pipes, water stations, toilets, and provides trainings programme about hygiene. 

The event we are going to organize will be held in Amsterdam for around 60-65 people. The organizers, us, will not make any money by this event.

We would like to make this day as great as possible!

Ondersteun deze inzamelingsactie door er een nieuwe inzamelingsactie aan te koppelen. Alle donaties worden toegekend aan de bovenliggende inzamelingsactie.