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OKO - Cultural Melting Point


Amsterdam, Nederland

Dear OKO folks, 

the entire world is slowly but gradually getting back to “normal”  - so is OKO. 

I am very happy to see all the familiar faces back in the space on daily bases and we hope it will stay that way. We have a rough time behind our back but hey, we made it !!!

Massive thanks to each and all of you who showed up and supported OKO during the lockdowns.

Unfortunately, something unexpected happened yesterday… 

Due to a major electricity problems that caused electricity collapse in the entire space, the heart of OKO - our coffee machine - “burned down”. 

There is no hope to fix it.  

We have fixed the machine a couple of times in the past but this damage is final. 

OKO needs your help. Without you help there is no way we can make it.  

The cost of new heart transplant (Coffee machine) is +/- 7000 euros. Which we don’t have. 

Any help will count and be very much appreciated. 

Let’s make the coffee flow through our veins again ! 

Please share the campaign with whom it may resonate.



€ 2.932 van € 7.000
41.9% gefinancierd

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