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It is with great urgency and love that we call on you today. We received a CRY FOR HELP out of the Brazilian Rainforest. Our brothers and sisters, the Guardians of the Amazon need our support NOW!

On August 25 the repossession suit filed by the government of Santa Catarina against the demarcation of the Ibirama-Laklãnõ IT, where the Xokleng, Guarani, and Kaingang communities live, will be voted on by the Supreme Court (STF). 

With "general repercussion" status, the decision of the judgment will serve as a guideline for the federal administration and all instances of Justice with regard to demarcation procedures throughout the country. This decision will directly affect the PL-490 that will be voted on next, at a date still undefined.

This law eventually will make the Amazon totally vulnerable to mining, logging and monoculture. This is absolutely devastating!

Please read THE APIB MANIFEST of the Indigenous Peoples of Brazil: 

“In this manifesto, we make public our concerns, complaints and claims in the expectation and confidence of being heard, respected and having our demands accomplished. We call on the entire Brazilian society and the international community to resonate with this urgent message, and to join forces in our struggles for justice and rights, which are legitimate claims and, foremost, of global interest.”

'Rise for the Earth, standing with the guardians of the Amazon' came into existence with the intention to respond to this out-cry, facilitate and co-create connection between the Levanta Pala Terra Camp in Brasilia with all the places where people will rise up and pray together. So they will see, hear and FEEL; they are not alone, we stand with them!!! Together we stand for the Earth, for the Lungs of the Earth and this is our invitation and call to you!!!We take our responsibility in answer to the heartfelt cry-out of our brothers and sisters in the rainforest by making our voices heard loud and clear on August 25th. We will sing and pray, resonating with their call in expectant confidence that we will be heard and their culture protected.

Weaving a web that encompasses the whole world in which we stand, shoulder-to-shoulder with the Guardians of the Amazon Rainforest. United and with ALL people whose land is being sold out and destroyed and so their culture.

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