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hemanth kumar


India, India

Hi, We are planning to make a movie for struggling film artist's by providing ideas on how to make a movie in low a budget and with available resources. The story is set in India and is about a group of people who make a commercial successful bollywood movie without any financial background and film knowledge.

We are an movie enthusiastic group.

Our movie is based in India, as in India we have more than 100 different languages.the common language used for communication is Hindi and English.

This movie is based on a group of people from the interior parts of Southern India who don't know neither Hindi nor English language.They neither have the necessary financial background nor any film knowledge.but they are determined to make a successful Bollywood movie in Hindi Language, which they do eventually and how they do forms an interesting story.

The movie deals with Human emotions.the reality of a strugglers life. How to do cost cutting on the Film budget etc.. All these are shown in a fun and presentable way.

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