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Yvonne-Alexandrine-Rada Vichet


Boekarest, Roemenië

My name is Yvonne-Alexandrine-Rada Vichet, I am a 24 years old Romanian showjumper based in Bucharest.

Many horses can successfully compete at a few different levels, but the athletic and talent demands of upper-level competition narrows the field greatly. Unfortunately, I have outgrown my actual horse and his talent is not longer sufficient to meet the sporting demands for the next couple of years, though he will remain under my saddle

If as me you like jumping and sporting achievements, you will find in this operation the perfect way to take part at the highest level of the Romanian riding.

The idea of this campaign is to propose a way to get all the scenes of riding high-level and participate in wins of a duo that will not emerge without you.

The target: raise 30.000€ for the purchase of a Grand Prix horse with the aim to represent Romania to the 2023 Balkan Jumping Championships.

I am aware that this call to your generosity is not just about money, but about sharing a unique experience, so the gains generated by the duo will fund the costs generated by the horse.

If I plebiscite you it is not just about money but I want to offer you an experience, through the values of riding:

• COMMITMENT around a common passion for horses.

• EXCELLENCE sought in the equestrian sport, especially at high level.

• GENEROSITY among practitioners, but especially between the horse and his rider.

Imagine the impact that your donation has for the purchase of the horse and for sports performance. No worries for the rest, the horse will never be sold! This is a horse we have jointly funded and the only goal is that he stays with me.

This project is the way to be together around a common goal: the 2023 Balkan Jumping Championships. Take part to this adventure because together we can make it happen!

Thank you!

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