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, Zuid-Afrika

During this time of lockdown i have met many different elderly people struglying to get basic food. Since midnight 26th of march 2020 South Africa is under strict lockdown due to the spread of COVID-19

During this time I have came across many elderly people who are struggling to get basic food and essentials, due to the COVID-19. Most elderly people are facing the challenge of buying food at the malls and shops due to the long queues and most elderly people have problems with painful legs when they stand long.

Youth have strength to stand for long queues but elderly people can not stand long. I was so touched during the 7days grace of lockdown while passing some of the malls in Limpopo, the malls was fully packed.

Majority of elders in South Africa have no food ,They are hungry and unable to buy food and essentials.

I need your help to support the charities we have in South Africa to feed elders, families, sick ones and people who are not able to afford food.

Love conquers everything.

Help the NEEDY!

Thank you !

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