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Morocco, Verenigde Staten

This is a Father of 6 including me, 3 are under 16 years, used to work as an Electrician and a plumber, with this old car he was caring his materials to work, now and because of his Health problems, like the sensitive eyes to chemical and dust from his old work, and his liver and lungs issues he couldn’t work anymore.

Now he decided to sell his Old car that cost 1000€, and we arranged to get a loan of 1500€, The price of the delivery car he need is around 5500€, So we need to have a 5000€, for him to start working to feed his family, and we all know what this worldwide virus situation did to poor families and to the Touristic countries like Morocco. 


Im his Son, and I'm not feeling comfortable to do a fundraising for him, i wish i could solve this situation alone, but its not easy that’s why we tried to do this GO FUNDME, it’s just because im working as a receptionist in hotels, and I didn’t had any job or salary since this pandemic start. 

We hope we could make this happen, together. 

Thank you all from the heart

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