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Iranduba, Brazilië

In life we have learned to become happy or to feel happy the wrong way.

Most people on earth generally have a few goals in life: to have good schooling, to have a job, to possess materials, to have children, to become a grandfather or grandmother, to be healthy, to be good at hobby ’s and like those there are more goals.

Everyone becomes happy after achieving these goals. But they will eventually find their achievement normal and no longer be happy with it. Usually after a time of being happy by achieving a goal there will come a time of being unhappy. This is because we do not live to have these goals. Our body and soul are not satisfied in achieving these earthly goals. Dont worry, we have the Terra Joulle Centre where you can learn to know your real goals in life.

Terra Joulle is a lifestyle that we must write down as a religion according to the law. A religion is a lifestyle. The Bible tells a way of how to live. You live according to the word of that specific rules.

We have bought the first terrain in brazil were we will give the next classes:

English classes : We will give classes to everyone that want to learn english. We will ask for donations to help fund this project

The most of the people in manaus do not have the ability to get classes. Having english classes is more difficult to

have because people have just enough money to buy the necessary things. We will try to let as much children as

possible join our classes so they can have a better future.

Meditation classes: It is important in the terra to meditate. We ave many different meditation technique that help people to have a

easier live. We will ask people from brazil donation for follow this classes. People from europe need to pay a

amount so they do their best to finish this classes. People can also follow online classes

Breath exercises : This is also a very important tin in Terra Joulle. It is good to know different kind of breast exercises. We have

exercises to sleep better, ave more energy, have lesser cold, have a healthy heart, have healthy body and more.

There is for every problem a breatexercise

Playground : There is not many places in manaus for children to play. Because that we will make a playground for children.

One time in a week we will eat together fruits. We will always share fruit is a child is wit hunger

It is perfect for children to get influences from the people that are meditating or follow other classed.

This will be normal for them and because that they can start earlier with it.

Wifipoint : It is easy to learn new skill on internet. Not everybody has internetin manaus. We ill give people the opportunity

to have access to internet. Of Course they can not access websites were they can learn new things

Camping : We will have a area where people can sleep. Then they can follow te terra complete.

We will add more photos the next days.

There is now a website in te make : www.TerraJoulleCentre.com

www.terrajoulle.com is the main website-

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