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Arnhem, Nederland

We are the HAN MORE team, also known as the Modular Research team.

This is a new team with the aim of creating a platform, in the form of a car, where, for 5 years, you can work on the innovation and development of various components, on a modular basis.

We consist of 10 motivated international students but will enter into partnerships with different educations, levels and expertise. To date, we have been working hard on setting up a modular vehicle, this means that the vehicle must be easily adaptable and components must be able to be replaced quickly, a technique that can offer more possibilities for the Automotive industry.

For this project goal, a broad vision is adopted that guarantees collaboration between education, research and companies. We do this by bridging the gap between the theory of simulations and building this vehicle in practice. With options such as:



It offers the possibility to give minors, graduates, interns and masters a deeper level by creating a practical vehicle, this allows them to make and apply designed systems or components in practice.


Implementing business problems or ideas on the vehicle, to indicate whether a solution or development can be implemented in the industry, think of which wheel suspension has which effect,


Explain the theory in the lectures by applying different components to the vehicle to show the effects of these different components.

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