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Marcin Wroblewski


Dordrecht, Nederland

Help Piotr make everyday life easier in his fragile life !!! Apart from the apparent smile on his face, which can be seen at first glance, Piotr's life is not completely covered with roses. In 2012 and 2013, Piort had suffered two strokes that significantly affected his health. Piotr's condition was serious !!!!! Apart from quadriparesis with a predominance of the lower limbs, toxic cerebral syndrome and dementia, Piotr is struggling with many other comorbidities. spondyloathosis, episode C with cervical myelopathy - obliterative atherosclerosis of the lower arteries - pressure ulcer in the area of ​​the sacrum. We, as the closest family and all friends, do our best to make the rest of such a precious human life a bit normal, happy and comfortable for Piotr himself and his wife, who stays with him every day. Each of us also admires Piotr's wife and our mother, who every day tries to make Piotr feel comfortable despite her mental and physical suffering, which unfortunately she experienced while carrying and taking care of Peter. and night, to make life easier for him and his wife, you need specialist and expensive equipment. Our whole family is trying to contribute, unfortunately it is not enough.

We need your help! Let's give Piotr even more reasons to smile, because everyone has the right to be happy !!

We collect for equipment, among others: a bed with a pressure ulcer mattress and a pull-up, and medicines necessary for everyday life We count on your heart, please share wherever you can. Every help counts !!!

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