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Utrecht, Nederland

The war came as a surprise to all of us but especially for the Ukrainians including my good friend Diana, who I met during my high school exchange in the United States.

When I heard that she was planning to leave the country I packed my backpack and planned my trip to the Hungarian side of the Hungarian-Ukrainian border to meet her.

Diana finally managed to cross the border after an eight day long dangerous journey from Kyiv (with many stops along the way to take cover when the air raid sirens would go off). Not everything went according to plan and she ended up in Kosice, Slovakia instead of Zahony, Hungary like we had planned. What followed was a 5 hour long taxi ride to get to each other because it was impossible to get there by public transport.

At the time of writing we just arrived in Budapest where we will meet Melanie, another friend we made in the US, who traveled here from Switzerland. With the three of us we'll continue the journey to the Netherlands from where Diana will try to get a visa to go back to the USA to stay with her host family. Diana's brother, that drove her to the Ukrainian side of the border, is currently on his way back east to volunteer in the Ukrainian armed forces.

The costs of this undertaking were higher than I had expected. For example not all the trains are free for Ukrainians. The tickets for the nightjet from Vienna to Utrecht will have to be covered by ourselves.

So that's why I made this fundraiser to cover Diana's part of the travel costs. Like the cab to and from Kosice (covered by my mother :)), the hotels and hostels along the way, etc. The expected costs are between 250 to 300 euro's for her. It would be nice to raise a little more so she has some pocket money to help start her new life, and to send some to her friends and family that are still in Ukraine.

Thanks a lot for helping us out!

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