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Special Children Philippines


CSJDM, Filipijnen

We have founded our Organization to provide assistance to disabled

children in the Philippines, through this website we are looking for donors who

want to help the children in the Philippines with surplus goods, clothing,

wheelchairs, walkers.

When a child with

a disability lives in the Philippines, there are no organizations as we know

them in the Netherlands, they are often left to their own devices. When

one is born with a physical or mental disability, one is called Special and

often left to their own devices.

That is also the

reason that we have named this foundation .

Special Children Philippines.


We ourselves live

in the Netherlands and in the Philippines, in our village Camiling. Time

and again we come across inhumane situations which eventually convinced us that

help was needed.

By raising funds from various programs and private initiatives, we would be

delighted if you would like to participate in this project.


For this child we

are asking your attention:

Name: Jhon Mark

Docot Lasala

Age: 5yrs.old



epilepsy, cerebral palsy

address: block10

lot 36 phase E

barangay Mulawin Francisco San Jose del Monte Bulacan


Needs: financial assistance

for her EEG and eyeglasses, milk, diaper.

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