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I’m fundraising for Tamer.


My name is Tamer and we have a family of 9 people. I live in Palestine, specifically in the Gaza Strip, which has been besieged by the Israeli occupation for more than 14 years. We are witnessing four wars on Gaza.

We are now living in a house for rent and we cannot pay the rent because the family has no rooms and there are no job opportunities in besieged Gaza. I am unemployed and cannot pay the rent, none of my family members work because of the difficult conditions we live in Gaza, and I could not complete my education due to lack of money.

We cannot provide any of the necessities of life here with the ongoing war on Gaza here every day many children, women, men and youth die.

Houses destroyed by the bombing of the occupation.

Now I want to start a (fast food) business for myself and my family so that we can pay the rent for the house and we can continue to live in a better way than it is now. The project needs some money that will provide the purchase of work tools, so I need your donations, even if only a little.

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