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What will your donation support:

BioMongol Foundation also is being helped by your donations to insure future research in Mongolia by multi-national teams of biologists and conservationists after restrictions due to the pandemic are relieved.

Background information:

Founded November 2018, the Dutch BioMongol Foundation is an independant non-profit organization, which organizes nature research expeditions to Mongolia.

Once a year, amateur researchers are offered the opportunity to study Mongolian wildlife; in particular pollinators and other insects. 

Mongolian biologists are invited to join at our costs.

BioMongol Foundation supports the protection of local nature, which faces multiple threats (e.g. climate change, desertification, over grazing, deforestation). 

BioMongol Foundation is committed to exchange with local students and nature protection organizations.

BioMongol Foundation supports local families which guide us on our expeditions; we do not hire professional tourist companies.

Due to the Corona-pandemic, the country of Mongolia went into a total lock-down. 

There will be no income for our three Mongolian guides and their families, since not only our tour is cancelled, but the whole tourist industry suffers. Each expedition would normally support these familie for around Eur. 6000,-. 

"Perhaps you could not spend money on a holiday, consider sending some to Mongolia"

For more information and questions, please don't hesitate to contact us through our contact form on our website:

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