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Kris Hoet


PAP, Haïti

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Ayiti Cheri is a Belgian non profit organisation supporting young people in Haïti through sports.

Haiti; A country hit by poverty, earth quakes, corruption and political instability. And yet it's also a land of hope, the hidden pearl of the Antilles. Help us build a better future for the kids in Haïti. This has been the life's work of Jan Hoet, all centered around sports. His life long experience in the country learned him that sport is a very powerful way to reach youngster, to bring them together and motive them. The organization Mamosa and sports club Banzai are a result of that.

The non profit organization Ayiti Cheri is the link between family & friends of Jan Hoet and the organizations of Mamosa and Banzaï in Haïti. The first mission of Ayiti Cheri is the financing, construction and development of a sports facility that would give a massive boost to the working in Port au Prince.

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