WhyDonate – A GoFundMe Charity Alternative

GoFundMe Charity Alternative WhyDonate - A GoFundMe Charity Alternative

No wonder that GoFundMe is one of the most popular crowdfunding platforms when it comes to fundraising and donating to any cause. GoFundMe offers a wide service to a large audience and the reason charities and individuals prefer this platform is because it is easy and reliable to use. In 2021, GoFundMe announced the closure of the GoFundMe charity wing, which was a bit of an unpleasant surprise for its users. Now just to be clear, the charity services of GoFundMe has not been closed but integrated with its GoFundMe.com platform to provide both personal and charity fundraising together.

The downside of the closure of the GoFundMe charity is that the campaigns will not be transferred automatically, but the users have to do it from their side, which is kind of an inconvenience. The thing with charities is that they are associated with many causes with a lot of emotions and needs. While thousands of charities were comfortable with the ongoing system, a sudden change might affect them. In this case, recurring donations or ongoing fundraisers can face hurdles in the process.

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About GoFundMe Charity –

The American crowdfunding platform GoFundMe has a 0% platform fee, so it’s free for organisers and charities to start fundraisers. Charities along with individuals and corporates can raise money for their causes in the US, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia. For GoFundMe the transaction charges are 2.9% + €0,25.

What is the best platform to raise money for charity?

Among all the websites similar to GoFundMe, WhyDonate is one of the most appropriate crowdfunding platforms that provides its users the best possible crowdfunding experience of all time. This similar to GoFundMe charity alternative platform is reliable and super easy to use. More importantly, it will not cost you anything to get started, whereas the results can be pretty satisfying.

WhyDonate As The Best GoFundMe Charity Alternative –

To put an end to your search for websites like GoFundMe, the best answer is WhyDonate. On the bright side, WhyDonate is the quintessential crowdfunding platform for charities that you can look forward to starting fundraising for your cause. WhyDonate is one of Europe’s leading fundraising websites that allows both individuals and organisations to start fundraising through its website. 

As similar to GoFundMe, the WhyDonate charity platform offers a 0% platform fee to its users with a lesser amount of 1.9% +€0.25 transaction fee. Due to the affordability combined with reliability WhyDonate has gained a lot of popularity among people. WhyDonate offers a pretty compact yet simple dashboard where users can make donations or create campaigns without having to brainstorm.  The GoFundMe alternative offers great products like the digital collectin box for the fundraisers to receive hassle-free donations through the product. Users can also generate QR codes for their respective linked fundraisers for a great experience.

Moreover, through WhyDonate users can start another fundraiser connecting to their existing fundraiser. This makes WhyDonate a better GoFundMe alternative.

As another star feature, WhyDonate offers its users the WhyDonate WordPress donation plugin for a better crowdfunding experience. This button helps the users to access the embedded fundraiser donation forms and widgets on their own website. The widgets and forms are connected to the fundraisers on Whydonate. Users can download the plugin from the ‘Plugin’ directory or straight away from the plugin page on WordPress.

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When it comes to target donation amount, WhyDonate like GoFundMe Charity provides the option to donate anonymously to a cause if the donor does not wish to reveal their identity.

One of the most preferred options among charities is recurring donation, which is provided by WhyDonate to make charitable donations run smoothly. Charities or non-profits can opt for recurring donation options according to their choice. 

WhyDonate allows its users to add their own custom branding and content to fundraisers, donation forms and emails. It means fundraisers can customise their pages according to their wishes. Fundraisers can make their page colourful and attractive for their donors. 

Take it from healthcare fundraising to music crowdfunding, Whydonate embraces all kinds of fundraisers with open arms. As one of Europe’s leading fundraising websites, Whydonate allows you to fundraise for many causes like healthcare, education, and sports. Raising money for charity through fundraising events has become increasingly popular in the non-profit community. Whether a non-profit is hosting a charity walk, gala dinner, art exhibit, concert, or field day, event hosting is where donors and potential donors can interact personally and learn more about the organisation. Donations from charity fundraising events are contributions that donors raise during a fundraiser. Depending on the type of event, the money raised can come in different forms.

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Conclusion –

Raising money for charity through crowdfunding often helps an organisation promote its charity and brand fundraising campaign. It can help to identify a non-profit organisation to potential donors who would otherwise not have known about the organisation. This GoFundMe alternative platform allows organisations to use many small donations to raise a larger total amount. Also, compared to traditional fundraising, much less time and money go into generating donations and connecting with donors. It takes creativity, commitment and hard work to solve income challenges. Each funding source has its own opportunities and challenges, and each, of course, has its advantages and disadvantages. Regardless of which one you choose, they all require effort, focus and investment for finding sponsors.

Donation Crowdfunding Platform in Europe. Whydonate is a global fundraising platform that connects causes with donors in an efficient, relevant and enjoyable way. We try to create the best cross-continent fundraising platform in the world for individuals, NGO’s and companies. We do this by providing the newest fundraising features.