12 Christmas Fundraising Ideas To Boost Donations This Holiday Season

Christmas Fundraising Ideas - WhyDonate

WhyDonate Christmas Fundraising Ideas – Christmas is not only about decorations or pockets full of snow; it is about giving and spreading joy. Gone are those days when you had to go to the local area to donate funds for your preferred charity. Now we have reached an era where people can donate money to anyone from anywhere in the world. Crowdfunding platforms have made it easier to donate as well as initiate a fundraiser for funds. People can sit in front of their laptops or mobile phones and find any cause, whether it is for children, animals, or the environment, and send money to show support.

How can I fundraise for Christmas?

Holidays are always exciting for everyone. People who have enough and can provide for themselves enjoy the holidays to the fullest. But there are children who don’t get to have Christmas trees or ornaments to decorate their houses. There are families who cannot afford to have gingerbread cookies or a glass of hot chocolate on their dining tables. So let all of us take a moment and contribute to those who are in need so that there will be fewer sad faces during this holiday full of lights.

Now, just because Christmas is around the corner, that doesn’t mean all our day-to-day issues will resolve automatically. If you have an immediate and important concern, you can start your own fundraiser and gather funds for your cause. Among many notable crowdfunding platforms, WhyDonate is one of a kind that helps everyone who is in need of money. This is why we have 12 easy holiday-driven Christmas fundraising ideas for 12 days of Christmas to boost donations.

Christmas Fundraising Ideas

1. Christmas Carols –

Isn’t it obvious that Christmas carols are one of the most lyrical Christmas fundraising ideas of all time during the holiday season? It doesn’t cost a dime to sing joyful songs, and people love to listen as well as sing in carols. Without spending anything, you can raise funds for your chosen cause. You can hand some pamphlets to other people describing the campaign you are willing to raise funds for. For great fundraising ideas for Christmas, you can sing carols in church and gather funds too as people visit the churches during the holy occasion. So dress up and sing along.

2. Holiday Sale –

Believe it or not, you can witness more donations during holiday seasons compared to the other times of the year. That is why having a sale during the holidays can be one of the nicest fundraising event ideas. You can choose what you want to sell depending on the holiday. For Christmas, obviously, you can sell trees, ornaments, decorations, gift baskets, and stationery items to gather donations for your cause.

You can also sell greeting cards, costumes, or just choose whatever you want to sell and put a donation box on the counter and ask people to contribute as much as they can to support a cause that can make a huge difference in other lives. This can be one of the great Christmas fundraising ideas for charities as well as individuals.

Christmas Fundraising ideas - Holiday Sale Fundraiser

3. Gingerbread Fundraiser –

Be it a special occasion or a typical day; everyone loves a sweet and baked savoury. And during Christmas, gingerbread cookies are a must. Organise a sale of baked items such as cookies, cakes, and croissants in order to gather funds for your fundraiser. Charities and non-profit organisations can also tie-up with the local bakery, who can help you make the baking goods. Make the packaging of the displayed baking items attractive and colourful for children so that you can gather some little buyers. Try to involve many volunteers for extra motivation. Make the Christmas fundraising ideas sweeter and delicious.

Christmas Fundraising Ideas - Gingerbread cookies

4. Christmas Storytelling Fundraiser –

Meeting Santa and listening to holiday stories are very popular for kids during Christmas and can be one of the best Christmas fundraising ideas that involve kids. You can make that an opportunity to gather funds for your cause. Arrange a Santa, or be Santa for yourself and give children the opportunity to take pictures and tell their Christmas wishes. To keep these fundraising ideas for Christmas interesting, make sure you have some fun stories to share with them, and the parents should know the reason for the donation.

5. Christmas Decoration –

It is interesting to know that people are so busy these days that they require a dedicated person/team to come to their house for decorating appropriately for the holidays. This is one of the best Christmas fundraising ideas as you get to decorate and get paid by actually not spending a lot. It will be nice to let the customer know where the money will be used, which might make the donor donate more if they find the cause compelling. This idea also works with local businesses that require Christmas decorating services during the time, and you can make their holiday brighter.

Christmas Fundraising Ideas - Holidays

6. Christmas Card Fundraisers –

Let your snowy Christmas be an advantage to you by selling Christmas greeting cards (using themes like snowflakes and snowmen). People give each other gifts along with holiday cards during this time. Let everyone know the purpose of the greeting card sale while putting banners. It can be one of the delightful Christmas fundraising ideas as people can donate as much as they want, and in return, they can personalise their cards and send them to their friends and families. You can also encourage peer-to-peer fundraising by creating perky Christmas cards.

Christmas cards - Christmas fundraising

7. Origami / DIY/ Gift Packing Fundraiser –

Christmas is an outstanding opportunity for organising DIY workshops. They will make excellent Christmas fundraising ideas because of the many creative options available out there. Making origamis or do-it-yourself crafts can be therapeutic as well while learning the arts and crafts. 

Another option is to gift pack the presents in exchange for donations. Keep a donation box at the workshop and tell people that they can donate instead of paying for their gift wrapping. In this way, you can spread the word about the fundraiser and give service to the donors as well.

Christmas Fundraising Ideas - christmas presents

8. Reindeer Sweater Party –

There are two ways to organise this party, and it can be one of the very socialising Christmas fundraising ideas. One is to let people wear their Christmas themed matching sweaters having little reindeers on them. Well, let us not keep it exclusive, but everyone agrees with ‘Rudolf the red-nosed reindeer. The second idea is to sell sweaters, and people who come to the party can buy them. Both the ways are welcoming with adding peer-to-peer fundraising options. Let people know about the fundraiser and how their little contribution can make a big difference. We are sure no one will mind spreading a little kindness.

9. Holiday Karaoke –

Whether you are a great singer or a bathroom singer, you can’t deny the fact that karaoke is for everyone. Karaokes are full of fun and can be an amazing opportunity to fundraise for a good cause. Everyone likes music and a night full of laughter. And singing the jolly Christmas songs, that add a bit of twang to the holidays, is just beautiful. You can keep a provision for refreshments and drinks to make the event even more engaging and successfully fundraise for the cause. Set up a donation box where the attendees can donate funds according to their capacity and enjoy while making a difference.

10. Holiday Organisation Donation –

Many corporates welcome fundraisers during holidays which gives the employees the opportunity to donate to certain causes. Corporate organisation employees are normally busy and don’t get time to focus on finding good fundraisers to contribute. That is why it can be one of the best Christmas fundraising ideas to approach them and have them donate to the fundraisers of yours by explaining the purpose of the funds.

11. Pet Dress-up Party –

People love to groom their pets and dress them in adorable outfits. So, this can be one of many Christmas fundraising ideas for charities and individuals as it is a lively event with lots of fun. Organising a pet dress-up event where you can use costumes to dress up the puppies, dogs, and cats can be a great way to attract donors and also is a great way to entertain people. You can also allow the owners to pair with their pets and wear look-alike costumes in the event. Charging a small entrance fee for the participants can also help increase the number of donations.

Christmas Fundraising Ideas - pet dress-up

12. Drive-in Movies –

Winter is the perfect time for a cosy evening movie night. This is an amazing option for couples who want to have a romantic date night with their partners during the holidays. There is nothing more satisfying than spending your holidays with your precious family. You can organise a drive-in theatre in your local area and put banners of the fundraiser explaining the reason for the outdoor program. The audience can donate a certain amount for the cause and can enjoy the rest of the night by watching movies. Same way, you can also organise Disney movies for families with kids. After all, it is Christmas. No one should be left behind.

Christmas Fundraising Ideas - drive-in-theater

Pro Tips –

If you are a charitable organisation, then make sure you send email newsletters about the fundraiser and provide them promotions or any discounted services if possible. Spread the news about your fundraiser through social media by linking your crowdfunding fundraiser details and providing them with Christmas donations ideas. It is highly necessary to thank your donors who took the time to review your fundraiser and contributed.

Jingle All The Way –

WhyDonate is always there if you are going through difficult times, and we would do anything in our power to see smiles on those faces. This is why we have the best Christmas donations ideas for all of you. Let us all be kind and spread love this holiday season by contributing as little as possible using these fun Christmas fundraising ideas. Remember, your contribution can make a child laugh, help an animal to find an owner, or bind a family together. So keep your heart open. Merry Christmas and Happy Fundraising!

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