What Is Donation Management Software? 5 Best Online Donation Management Software That Will Ease Your work

Best Online Donation Management Software What Is Donation Management Software? 5 Best Online Donation Management Software That Will Ease Your work

Best Online Donation Management Software – Crowdfunding and fundraising activities have become very popular these days thanks to the elevation of technologies. The amount of benefit that people require for fundraising and donation activities have been simplified to existence with the help of many upgraded tools. In the field of crowdfunding, donation management software has become a really handy tool to organise the whole fundraising system.

What is Donor Management Software?

Basically, the phrase itself suffices the definition. To put this delicately, donation management software is a platform where non-profits or charities can manage their donor database along with maintaining the fundraiser-donor relationship. The software helps organizations to keep track of their donations, the donation movements, and guides how to improve donation activities.

It is easy to maintain a good donor database by segregating the donation data through the donation management software where non-profits can effortlessly compile all the information in one place. The donor management platform increases the non-profits’ engagement with their precious donors.

Best Online Donation Management Software

How Does Donor Management Software Help Non-Profits?

Non-profit organizations benefit from donor management software as it works as a one-man army in case of a limited number of operational employees. To be frank, donor management software is way better than maintaining a number of spreadsheets. As many data tend to get lost during communication, donor management software can be the single point of database to refer to.

Best Online Donation Management Software - Fundraising

What Are The Best Donor Management Software?

Now that the crowdfunding field is being upgraded by the heavy use of technologies, there are a number of donor management software available in the market to establish their strong presence. Some of them can be too expensive or some can be deceived by their fancy looks. So here we have summed up 5 top donor management software for you to get started without brainstorming much.

1. DonorPerfect –

DonorPerfect is a popular all-in-one management solution among non-profits that helps charities and non-profit organisations to manage their fundraising data. DonorPerfect provides its users services like an electronic check, online payment, credit card processing, and one-time gifts. The DonorPerfect offers unique features like campaign management, contribution tracking, and grant management. Even if DonorPerfect doesn’t provide free services, it does offer a free trial of the software. The pricing of DonorPerfect starts from $99/month.

Donation Management Software - donorperfect

2. WhyDonate –

As one of Europe’s leading fundraising websites, WhyDonate allows you to fundraise for causes like the environment, funerals, and sports. With a donor database of more than 350.000, WhyDonate charges 0% platform costs and no additional subscription costs to its users. WhyDonate can be considered an excellent donor management system as the user-friendly dashboard allows the fundraisers to keep track of their donations in an effective way. WhyDonate allows the users to add their own custom branding and content to fundraisers, donation forms, and emails. And guess what? Users can do all of this by downloading the mobile app for WhyDonate to track their activities efficiently.

Donation Management Software - Whydonate Logo

3. Bloomerang –

Bloomerang is considered one of the best cloud-based donor management solutions for non-profits. Not only does the donor management software target the donor database but also it contributes to revenue increment. Bloomerang helps fundraisers with building donor relationships and maintaining the organisation’s retention rate. The platform increases donor engagement while maintaining impactful fundraising. The pricing of Bloomerang starts from $99 with full functionality and unlimited users making it suitable for organisations.

Donation Management Software - Bloomerang

4. Kindful –

The customer relationship management (CRM) friendly online donor management software is the keeper of donor relationships. Apart from donor analysis, Kindful offers services like donor behaviour reports, built-in email functionality, and the donor lifecycle at the organization. Kindful pricing starts at $100.00 per feature, per month with a free trial option.

Donation Management Software - kindful-logo

5. Blackbaud –

Blackbaud caters to the elite group of fundraisers due to its high market value and the option for customized customer relationship management options with donors. The online donor management software offers its customers specific plans according to their requirements. The software includes best-in-class software tools like donor engagement strategies, data enrichment services, and prospect analysis. The pricing of Blackbaud is customized according to each non-profit’s needs and it does not have any free version or free trial as of now.

Donation Management Software - Blackbaud

How Much Does Donation Management Software Cost?

  • DonorPerfect – Starts from $99/month (offers free trial)
  • WhyDonate – 0% platform fee
  • Bloomerang – Starts from $99 with full functionality and unlimited users
  • Kindful – Starts at $100 per feature, per month with a free trial option.
  • Blackbaud – Customized pricing according to the requirement

Donation management software is a tool that is usually not free but there are several free-trial options available. Now, this is a subjective question depending on the different kinds of software. Among the above options WhyDonate, the European crowdfunding platform, offers its users a pretty compact donation management dashboard while the rest are only dedicated to donation management business.

Conclusion –

No wonder investing in the best online donor management software can make the process easier and less time-consuming. It is excellent that we all have reached an era where smart technologies like online donor management software can take over the betterment of donor relationships and many comprehensive solutions, for that matter. 

As a crowdfunding platform, Whydonate understands the delicacies of daily donor management and how it can be a game-changer. This is why the above best online donor management software are picked by us to make you feel less worried about fundraising. Crowdfunding is a magical platform that will help you to achieve your goals by finding you the best potential donors for your cause. This is why it is necessary to give your donors the clarity and the utmost respect they deserve.

Donation Crowdfunding Platform in Europe. Whydonate is a global fundraising platform that connects causes with donors in an efficient, relevant and enjoyable way. We try to create the best cross-continent fundraising platform in the world for individuals, NGO’s and companies. We do this by providing the newest fundraising features.


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