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A fully customized
fundraising site

Complete with your branding
Customize the entire fundraising experience from start to finish. Easily tailor fundraising pages and more to fit your charity’s brand with custom content, logos, colors, images and buttons.

Charity Crowdfunding - Whydonate

What we have to offer

Custom branding Charity Crowdfunding

Control your brand

Customize the experience from start to finish. Easily tailor pages, emails and more to fit your charity’s brand.

Own your data

Unrestricted access to your data with powerful reporting and integrations to unlock valuable insights.

Raise more money

Tap into the world’s largest social fundraising platform and our network of hundreds of millions of donors.

Charity Crowdfunding

Branded campaigns for every occasion

Whydonate offers an online fundraising platform with a comprehensive dashboard to keep track of your donations. Start a crowdfunding campaign, peer to peer or team event fundraiser with multiple language options, custom branding, and many more features to make it effortless to raise money online.

Charity Crowdfunding

Peer-to-peer fundraising

Raise more money and grow your network by recruiting supporters to start personal fundraisers for your cause.

Success stories

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Why is Whydonate the right platform for you?

Zero registration fees

Whydonate has no sign-up or subscription fees. You only pay a small percentage when you receive donations.

Customer support

Facing a problem? Our customer support team is always ready to help, every step of the way.

Responsive design

The pages are optimized to provide an optimum look on all devices, such as desktop, tablet or mobile.


The comprehensive dashboard provides a one-stop view of all your fundraisers, donor and payout data.


In addition to your own network, reach 175,000+ donors and 100,000+ visitors a month on Whydonate.

Live within minutes

Create an account and start online fundraising within minutes.


Start a Fundraiser

Whydonate makes online fundraising easy and accessible for causes and individuals all over the world. No signup fees, so let’s start.